Reflections : 7 Things I Saw in Chicago Today

Reflections : 7 Things I Saw in Chicago Today
Copyright 2023

by Camille Pirtle

As an eight-year resident of Chicago, I know my area pretty well. I take long walks around it – sometimes for utility and sometimes for pleasure. I've seen quite a lot this way – art, fights, etc. Here are some reflections from one specific walk, taken in June of 2023; this is a list of seven things I saw.

1. Crazy woman talking to herself

Maybe she's not crazy. Maybe she's just talking on the phone, on headphones or earbuds that are buried underneath that stereotypically hysteric hair. Or maybe she's just crazy. Maybe I can relate.

2. Man with a sign that reads "Bet you a buck that you read this sign (I have Cash App btw)"

I can't tell if this is a.) a strategy based on a genuine need for money, b.) performance art or c.) the greatest side hustle of all time. Either way, the tourists find him charming.

3. A family of no short of nine or ten extremely blond children

They all look the same, this Caucasian entourage. They resemble the product of a young Taylor Swift giving up music and deciding instead to have children. Lots of them. It's hard to say what's more frightening – their ubiquity in appearance or their complete disregard for traffic laws.

4. Two old ladies trying to decide whether or not to go outside

This should not have been as funny as it was.

5. Two people from my school who didn't recognize me

I didn't know they were dating. It's possible they're not, but they are standing way closer to each other than non-dating people usually do. The guy is taller than the girl, which feels stereotypical, but the girl has taller energy. I don't know what this means, but I know it's true.

6. A pretty girl who looked at me in the Target.

She had blue eyes that were open very wide. I spent thirty seconds wondering what combination of makeup techniques and genetics could make her eyes look that big and that blue, and then I realized that I should have asked for her number. I didn't.

7. A guy carrying a dog in his backpack

Hard to say if this was theft or transportation.