black velvet (three very short stories)

black velvet (three very short stories)

Often, I try to test the limits of brevity. How much meaning can be fit into how few words? Here are three stories examining that question. They're pretty short.

Adele Exarchopoulos

To the girl in the dining hall who looked like Adele Exarchopolous, all that French actress fashion, all those loose curls. She said I had a pretty name, and she invited me somewhere I never went.

Black Velvet

To the girl who wears a black velvet dress on the summer days, the one she has to hold in her hands as she walks swiftly up the subway steps with her white pearls and gold jewelry, her hair sticking hot-eager to the back of her neck and that gesture she does with her fingernails on the small of her back just know that if you do that one more time, just one more, just know that I could die.

Life in Montage

If it blurs by, it doesn't hurt so bad.

by camille pirtle, written june-july 2023